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Getting the right music for your film or event makes it more powerful and engaging for your target audience, whether it be customers, or your own staff team. I work with companies and individuals to make sure that what they want to achieve with their project is maximised with the addition of a bespoke score. I'm told that I am friendly and easy to work with, and I really do enjoy the process of solving the problem of what it is you want your video to say.

Most businesses want to reassure their customers about their quality, and want to make them feel good about purchasing their products, and to cultivate a sense of belonging to the brand. 

This instrumental piano piece was written and turned around inside two days as a priority service for the Rospa annual charity appeal in 2013. The film was shown in May 2013 and raised a record number of donations.


This call waiting loop was turned around in two days.The client was losing customers after putting them on hold because the music had not been replaced for several years and was harsh and cheap sounding. We discussed some options and identified that they wanted a friendly local voice over something classical. 

The client wanted to show his team of engineers how important their role is and how their methodical, mathematical work affects peoples' lives both positively and creatively. We chose an expanding tonality, a sense of rising energy and a climax of possibilities to support this short logo reveal.

This project for Nottingham Police was turned around within two weeks and formed part of an exhibition on the dangers of binge drinking for young people. The sound of footsteps helped guide them around the installation.

This piece is for the Barmouth railway in Wales, and was composed with Logic 9, Sibelius 7, and used three singers.


Prices are reasonable and I can work to deadlines. Get in touch with your requirements and your budget and I will explain your options. Thanks! Scott 07795 176840


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